Thursday, May 21, 2009

Beautiful Day!

What a fantastic day! Sumana got her stitches out today and then we had time to check out Highland Park. The lilacs were pretty faded, but the azaleas and rhododendrons were gorgeous! Check out the picture with Grampy and Grammy.

Andrew had a blast taking pictures; in just a short time he took almost 70 pictures.

Sumana continues to need her nebulizer every 6 hours or so. I keep hoping she'll stop coughing, but it hasn't happened yet. Even though her stitches were removed today, I guess there are lots of the dissolvable (sp!) ones underneath, so she still has quite a few restrictions for 2 more weeks.

I STILL didn't get anywhere with a VEPTR surgery date today. Waiting is not getting any easier for me!!

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  1. Look at you pretty girl Sumana! Isn't Highland Park so lovely? Glad you are getting some TLC from your Grampy and Grammy:)