Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ready to go!

Well, we've had quite a few changes since I last wrote. A newborn needs surgery Monday, so (s)he goes first, then Sumana. We don't have to be at Strong til noon, so we cancelled the hotel . . . we'll all sleep better at home anyway! The de-tethering surgery is scheduled for 1:30 and will take approximately 3 hours. I'm actually trying to think ahead to use that 3 hours to catch up on something (don't know what yet!).

Sumana is pretty nervous about the surgery, she thinks it's going to make her left-side weakness better. I tried to explain that since she hasn't experienced any symptoms, she probably won't see any changes, except a sore back. I reminded her this surgery gets her one step closer to the VEPTR surgery, which WILL help her. She's also mad about her brothers and sister being able to eat breakfast. She's already making plans so she doesn't have to watch them!

We've been blessed with lots of good wishes and promises of prayer for Sumana. Thank you. It really encourages us. We know that Jesus is the Great Physician and HE will work mightily through Dr. Silberstein tomorrow.


  1. Good luck tomorrow Sumana! I will see you soon!

  2. I'll be praying for courage for you Sumana, peace for you Cheryl, and God's wonderful grace for you both!!!