Saturday, May 16, 2009

Self Talk

I gotta tell you . . . Sumana is quickly learning the art of positive self talk. She's starting to go places around the house and not ask for help. I hear her say, "Ok, scoot forward a little. Ok, a little more. Feet on the ground. Nose over toes. Push up." How stinkin' cute! She does this all the time. She's her own cheerleader. Yea!! Go Sumana!!!

Today, Sumana's attitude is very good. She's very happy. The bummer is that when she's sitting quietly there's no coughing. (I originally thought that was good). However, when she went up to get dressed, did her PT exercises and breathing exercises the nasty coughing was back. The poor kid is in trouble today. Mom is going to be 'on' her all day about coughing. With her history of pneumonia I know 'it's' out there just waiting to flare up. As long as she's coughing I think that means 'it's' not settling in her lungs. So, let the battle begin!

Please pray for Sumana's appetite as well as healing. She hasn't eaten much of anything since Wednesday. If it doesn't improve by Monday, I'll call her neurosurgeon and/or pediatrician.

We're looking forward to going to church tomorrow. Sumana is planning on it ('unless she's coughing'). However, I at least want her to try going to choir to see if we can 'make' her cough!! (Sumana has such a sadistic mom, huh??!!)


  1. I continue to pray for our Sumana! The coughing thing is tough isn't it...encouragin them to do something that we know will hurt! I hope you enjoy a great time at church:)

  2. Sadistic mom? Are you kidding?! Cheryl, you have the strength and courage only God can hand out. Bless you. Many prayers for you and Sumana.