Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Doll making

Sumana had a better night last night (except for the crying baby next door!) We were moved from the PICU to a regular children's wing Tuesday afternoon. It's not nearly as 'cushy' as the PICU, but so far it's a single room, so it's manageable. In the PICU we had a lovely view of the cemetary and lots of space and one nurse for every 2 patients. Now we look at a brick wall and share our nurse with lots of other kids.

As of 10 am Wednesday, Sumana is working at sitting up. By noontime, they hope to remove her catheter and start her walking. She is signed up to walk the therapy dog this afternoon. How cool is that?

Greig has been a good sport doing the blog this week. I am trying my hand at typing on a wireless keyboard and squinting at the TV/computer screen. I can't figure out how to do spell check and edit, so sorry for all the typos!

A Child Life specialist just stopped in and is going to bring a craft to do with Sumana. They are going to make dolls out of egg cartons and other stuff. I'm going to take off to pick up some lunch while she works!

Yesteday, Sumana had a lot of visitors. It was a HUGE help in getting her thru her 48 hours of lying flat. Today should be busy with sitting up and walking, so it'll go much faster. FYI: The phone number here is 585 275 7575 ext. 157 33. We'll be here at least til tomorrow. Sumana is making great progress, but needs to try a lot of 'new' things before we can leave.

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  1. Hi Sumana, I'm glad to hear of the progress you are making and some of the fun stuff they have to help you through your recovery. Wow, you get to walk a dog at a hospital? Who'd of thunk it! I'm sure your doll(s) came out awesome; you'll have to take a picture to post on your blog. Work hard at all the therepy stuff and you'll be home in no time!!! Blessings, Sonia Stigler