Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bubble Gum Medicine

Well, today Sumana wanted to try just bubble gum medicine (regular Tylenol). After walking around Aldi's with her crutches her pain was at a 9, but when we were at the doctor's (checking her lungs, again), her pain was at 0! Woo-hoo! Maybe we can make the bubble gum work for us!!! She hates the Tylenol with codeine.

Here's a picture of Sumana registering her new Webkinz friend. It's an eagle she named Igor (!). It was a gift to remind her that some day soon she will soar like an eagle. She loves her new friend (who has the same birthday as Daddy!!)

Sumana was coughing really bad even after her nebulizer this am. So, I called the doctor and, of course, couldn't get an appointment til mid afternoon. By the time we got to the doctor the coughing had stopped and her lungs were clear. I felt rather foolish taking a perfectly healthy girl to the doctor's, but I'd rather be on the safe side. Keep those prayers coming for her health!

I'm hoping to hear from Dr. Sanders' office today about some possible surgery dates. I guess he was going to try to work around the other surgeon's schedule to get her in sooner. I just wrote that I was happy to wait a couple weeks . . . . I guess we'll have to see how it all pans out.


  1. Cool Sumana!
    Lily & me both have TONS AND TONS of webkinz. Lily has a dolphin, walrus, a fawn, a golden retriever, a chihuahua, AND a grey arabian horse!!!! I have a polka back fish, a dalmatian, american cocker spaniel, unicorn, a white terrier, a white mouse, AND a spotted frog!!!!!!!!
    neat that you have a webkinz pet!!
    Your cousin,

  2. (p.s, welcome to webkinz world!)