Saturday, May 23, 2009

Staying Put

Well, we decided our trip to NH was going to be too much. Greig's niece is graduating from homeschool on Tuesday. It is such a big deal because she stayed with us for 4+ months five (?) years ago and started homeschooling at that point. Now she's all grown up and graduating!!!

I'm sick that we can't go, but we'd have to stop A LOT on the trip to and from NH. Both the PA and PT said we would have to stop every hour or two to let her walk AND do her exercises. It would make a long trip incredibly longer. Then there is the issue of continuing her exercises and nebulizer treatments. It's a lot of pressure to put on me and Sumana, let alone anyone having to live with us! Well, at least Gretchen is there to represent our family. She'll fly home on Wednesday.

So, in light of this major change, Sumana is planning on participating in the Memorial Day parade. Her AWANA group always has a float. I thought that she might like to WATCH the parade (she's never seen one!). But, no, she wants to be IN it again.

Well, we had a 'killer' sermon today at MBC. UGH!!! Are we just surviving or thriving in our daily lives? Jesus wants us to have an abundant life. I must admit, I have been in survival mode most of this month. I slept three hours yesterday afternoon and another 2 today (plus 9 hours at night!!) I'm ready to be done with surviving and try out thriving for awhile (!!). Sumana has PT on Thursday and Friday this week, an appointment with her pulmonologist next week, then a follow up with her neurosurgeon the week after that. It seems much more manageable than these past weeks.
We still are waiting for a surgery date. Maybe this week the doctors' secretaries can work out a plan for Miss Sumana. It will be nice to get the date so we can start to make summer plans.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you couldn't go to the graduation. I will pray that you get a surgery date soon. I can relate to your emotions from your service...I don't have as many distractions nor as crazy of a schedule but find myself in the same situation!!!