Friday, May 15, 2009

Off to the doctor's

Oh, brother! We just got home and Sumana started coughing last night. By this morning it was terrible! I called her primary doctor and made an appointment for her after PT. In the meantime, she did her nebulizer breathing treatments, I whacked her with the cupping method the pulmonologist taught me AND she blew and blew on her balloon. (The nurses at Strong mounted a surgical glove on a tube that she could use to blow it up). THEN, she had PT and got her endurance and strength evaluated. By the time we got to the doctor I hadn't heard her cough since noon-ish.

The doctor did hear some rattling in her chest and because she was so close to discharge from the hospital, he sent her for an x-ray. Thankfully, it showed NO pneumonia, just her usual 'not-fully-inflated' lungs. We're just going to monitor her for increased coughing or fever. My personal opinion is that as long as we keep her lungs WORKING, she should be okay. No more laying around!!! We found out that she is still strong enough to use her crutches, so we're going to encourage her to switch from her old walker back to the crutches.

By the way, we all slept very well last night. It felt soooo good to sleep and sleep. I'm anxious to get another good night's sleep and try to get caught up on 'life' tomorrow.

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