Monday, May 11, 2009

Smooth Sailing

Everything went smoothly today. The nurses were waiting for Sumana and took her right in. Dr. Silverstein's assistant attached 4 electrodes to her head. (see picture) That was to monitor her nerves so they could keep watch of what they were doing during the surgery. The Anesthesiologist was very informative and very friendly and answered all of our questions. The resident anesthesiologist is from Kerala, India (southern India just like Sumana - see picture).
Melody Burri and Deb Curtis came and spent the afternoon with us and we all prayed just before she went in. That was a real encouragement and Sumana kept up her high spirits. But nothing made her day more than when she got the 'mask' for the anesthesia so that she didn't have to have a needle. The resident scented the mask with strawberry chapstick so that it was a pleasant smell.
They took her in a little early, 1:15 and the doctor came back to the waiting room at 3:15. So it went pretty fast compared to what we were originally thinking. Dr. S. was pleased with the outcome. His only slight concern was a small nerve that went to her rectum had to be cut but there were many other nerves that were going to the same place that he didn't have to touch.
She woke up pretty quick and has been in a little bit of discomfort but over all pretty well. She has to be in a horizontal position (back, sides) until Wed a.m. Mom will be staying overnight at the hospital while everyone else tries to manage at home.
She is in Rm 9 in the PICU. 4th floor in the 2800 wing. (Red Elevator) Only registered visitors can enter so please call if you plan to come. (585-729-5849) No flowers or food in room. Balloons are ok but have to be attached to the outside of the glass doors of her room.

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that surgery went well..PTL! Great job go girl! Cheryl, see if you can get a day pass to the Ronald Mc Donald House. We used them quite a bit and they are wonderful (free coffee, food, computer access).