Monday, May 4, 2009

New Appointment

Well, no answers today but we do have an appointment scheduled tomorrow with Dr. Silberstein (the neurosurgeon). He wants to go over the pictures with us. I'm pretty impressed that they can get us in tomorrow. We have to go to Rochester anyway for Andrew's orthopedic followup.

Also, Dr. Sanders is in surgery tomorrow, but his secretary was nice enough to offer to e-mail an update to him so that he can stay in the loop. I guess we'll have to see what tomorrow brings before we know when a surgery date can be set. I'm pretty excited to have Dr. Silberstein explain those beautiful, time-intensive pics!

Sumana would like you all to know that she did push ups today. Miss Kristen (her PT) was very impressed with her trunk control. Way to go, girl! She 'says' she did 30, but I'm thinking it was 15. Whatever way you count it, it is quite an achievement. Sumana can't wait to show off her talent to her dad and big brother, Jeffrey!

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