Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mark your calendars!

Well, we FINALLY have a date. Initially, I was not happy. The date is August 27th!!!! UGH!!!! However, Greig was full of optimism about the date (at least one of us was!!). He reminded me that the days are getting shorter and cooler by that time; Sumana will be able to enjoy her summer months; the August date is only 2 months later than the earliest possible surgery date; and she will be fully recovered from this recent surgery. OK, OK. That's a lot of positives.

I'm sorry I didn't post anything yesterday. I was soooo bummed about not having a date yet that I couldn't bring myself to say it AGAIN. It has been so hard to look toward the future, not knowing what I can and cannot plan. (And this is a planned surgery . . . what about those families with chronic health concerns and tragic accidents??) At least now we can make some summer plans and we can be fairly confident that she will be well healed in time for Greig's nephew's wedding in October.

My cousin, Megan, (the blog extraordinaire), reminded me a while ago that it's easy to wish away the present as we look toward the future. It's been so easy to fall into that. Now, I almost want to forget about the VEPTR date so we can fully enjoy the next few months.

Gretchen flew home with no incident today and Sumana was sooooo happy. It's funny how much she missed her 'sissy' (oh, brother!!) They're playing hide-and-seek right now. Gretchen's such a good big sister!

Well, Sumana has been off albuterol for 24 hours now. Yea!! And no coughs!!! Hopefully, this post-op chapter is past us and we'll be on to healthier days. Sumana has PT with Miss Kristen tomorrow and Friday (to make up for the holiday). Her strength is really coming back! Praise God for 'quick' recoveries.


  1. I am glad you have a date and the time will fly by! Enjoy the summer. it will be here before you know it!

  2. Yes a date! It's so much easier to pray for that specific date! Now we start the prayers...for the doctors, nurses, and of course all of you:)