Monday, July 20, 2009

Better Day in Rochester

Today was a BIG improvement on Saturday. Greig and I did some test driving and comparing and reached a decision on the van. Now, before it's really final, we need to get confirmation from Social Security about Sumana's SSI. As long as there is no danger of her losing it, we should be able to proceed with the 2009 Nissan Quest. Please pray with us about this big decision.
Later on we went to visit Miss Christine for a brace casting. Check out the pictures! Her old braces were about 2 inches short on her calf and her toes were right to the end! We were hopeful that she might graduate to a shorter brace on the right foot, but not yet. Both of her feet pronate (I think that's the term for rolling in on her ankles), pretty significantly. She chose a new butterfly pattern with PINK straps (of course!)

Then we kept on travelling up to Greece to see Giana Grace. She has put on some weight since we saw her in April. They're looking for a Fall date for her to get her VEPTR, but, as we experienced, no definite date is in sight. Anyway, it was great to see her and her mom again and get to meet her three brothers and dad! Giana seemed to love having Sumana right in her face, playing with her. Two little girls with spina bifida, getting VEPTRs soon, just having fun together. What a unique blessing!

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  1. Ah, I see a familiar face in this post! I follow Giana, would love to meet her and Dana someday!

    Just wanted to introduce myself--I am Pam Asbury in Kokomo, IN, and our littlest girl, just turned one, has spina bifida as well. I have you on my SB list of blogs/sites now. I enjoy updates from other mothers with kiddos with SB.