Sunday, July 19, 2009

Frustrated Plans

Well, the day started out well. We actually made it to our first appointment EARLY (that doesn't happen often!!) But it went downhill FAST from there! We were test driving a van and I thought of a nice route that would take us past the apartment Greig and I lived in when Jeffrey was born.

It looks very much the same. So, my old Paychex building was 'on the way' back to the dealership so I slowed down to show Sumana where I used to work. That's when the bottom dropped out in our day. I pulled up behind a big truck at a T-intersection and then heard blaring car horns, heard a crash and then SAW a black convertible whiz up a bank and head up a privacy fence and stop ON its SIDE. I parked the van, grabbed my cell phone, dialed 911 and jumped out of the car in rapid form (recently certified Professional Rescuer in action!).

By the time I crossed the street, others were there helping the victims. They were all conscious and the convertible driver (a 300+ pound man) actually climbed OUT of his car! I took over bystander who had been at the 'other' car. It was an elderly couple (70-80s) and since I didn't notice anything immediate danger (other than being in the middle of a road!) I just talked to them and helped them gather their personal belongings that had flown all over. Thankfully, a doctor was in one of the passing cars, so she took over for me and I was happy to get out of there. We were DONE with our test drive!
I had so much adrenaline in my system that I couldn't remember where we actually needed to go (it has been 18 years!) I turned left, turned around and went back, then turned around and went the way I originally turned. UGH!!! Anyway, we got back late and we were late for everything else the rest of the day!

We checked out van colors for the Sedona (at a different dealership) and by that time, it was too late to visit Giana. Thankfully, we still had time for a Chinese buffet before we picked up Gretchen at the airport. Of course, I forgot about the construction at the airport, so we were late meeting Gretchen. That's the way the day went! I am soooo thankful for safety, though. Only God knows 'why' were perpetually late yesterday . . . but I'm sure He was keeping us safe through all of our 'adventures'. Thanks for putting up with all my rambling!

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  1. Oy! It really is hard when everything seems to be out of whack like that, but it is good to try to remember that there was probably a good reason for you to be late all day! Glad YOU are all safe and sound!