Friday, July 31, 2009

Quick update

Well, we didn't get the van today, but we will on Monday! Yea! I was okay either way, since our van is still running; but a brand new van is pretty exciting! Sumana will have a power door to let herself in and out and we will have a complete bumper to bumper warranty for 5 years/100,000 miles. I told a friend that I would NEVER choose a blue van, but this one is not as 'blue' as the Kia we showed earlier. The Nissan is more blue-gray . . . definitely a pretty color! It also has bonuses that we NEVER would have chosen, but were basically 'thrown in' with the deal (like a DVD player/screen!)

Sumana is back in the swing of exercises and cough-assist practice. I'm going to 'put it in gear' . . . it's less than 4 weeks til surgery! This week she has a repeat sweat test, a follow up with the pulmonary doc, a pediatric eye check up AND she gets her new leg braces (all in ONE day!) It'll be nice to have all these appointments out of the way. She sees Dr. Sanders for her pre-op appointment a week from Monday. It's coming up quickly! Please pray with us that Sumana will work hard at her exercises this next month so she will be as strong as possible going into surgery.


  1. I am totally exhausted after just reading about your activity-packed days. Congratulations on the new van! Remember to take a deep breath car smell...nothin' like it.

  2. We will definitely be praying for Sumana's strength! Enjoy the BRAND NEW car!!! How exciting!