Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One on One with Great Grandma Vera

Well, Andrew, his friend Jeff and I were treated to a 'pre-opening' showing of The Half Blood Prince, courtesy Andrew's orthodontist! How cool is that??!! Dr. Rheude sure knows how to speak the language of his patients. Two theatres were full of popcorn-munching, candy-eating, soda-slurping tweens and teens, all with thanks to Dr. Rheude. (Should have had free toothbrushes thrown in for the way out!!!) It was an incredible experience!

Anyway, I said THAT to say THIS: Sumana doesn't 'do' PG-13 or anything remotely scarey, so she spent the morning with Great Grandma Williams. Sumana always complains that Andrew gets to have one-on-one time with Grandma, but not her! Well, she got her wish today! In addition to the endless chitchat, she also went to chair exercise class with Grandma. She used the balls and weights and tried a lot of the exercises. I guess one of the balls had princesses on it, so Sumana named ALL of the princesses for the class to hear.

As always, she was a hit with the older folks and was asked to come again. Sumana has a way of making friends wherever she goes! Grandma was having lunch with some friends at a local restaurant so when I met up with them Sumana got to meet MORE people!!

Tomorrow is PT and a day of cleaning with mom and Miss June. Later, Sumana's cousins are coming over for dinner and an evening visit. It should be a fun, tiring day!

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