Monday, July 6, 2009

Her 'Social' Calendar . . .

Well, our social butterfly has many upcoming engagements thanks to her mom's phone calls today. In addition to PT twice this week, she gets to visit Miss Donna at the Pediatric Pulmonary Lab on Wednesday to learn how to use her new cough-assist machine. Even though it's supposed to be a monster of a machine, I'm looking forward to her learning how to use it. Our hopes are that she can use this machine after her surgery to keep her lungs clear and any other time she happens to get a cold. Oh, how wonderful it will be if we can avoid pneumonia this year!!!

She also has an appointment in a couple weeks with Miss Christine to get fitted for new braces. Then, when we get to August, she has a new pre-op appointment with Dr. Sanders; a repeat sweat test, a pulmonary check up, and a dental check up to round things out. I'm anxious to get ALL of her appointments out of the way before her surgery. It makes for a busy summer, but at least she'll be as ready as possible for the surgery and the 6-week recovery.

And, by the way, our little friend Giana is HOME!! Her MRI was normal, so they've put her on antibiotics 'just in case'. Please remember to pray for this sweet little one. They still don't know what the fever and bloodwork questions were about. Praise God they're home!

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