Saturday, July 25, 2009

'Exciting' Day

Well, it started out calm enough . . .helping collect money at my friend's moving sale . . . lunch at the Finger Lakes Culinary & Wine Center with another friend who was visiting for the weekend . . . a pleasant stroll though the Waterfront Arts Festival . . . Sigh . . . It was just BEAUTIFUL and soooo relaxing. But then, Gretchen called and said Sumana had fallen at camp, hit her head twice and thrown up. That was the end of our relaxing afternoon. After a phone conversation with Sumana's primary doctor, we decided to only go to the ER if I didn't like how she was looking and acting. Unfortunately, when I got to camp Sumana was laying flat on the grass and looking HORRIBLE. Her eyes didn't look right, she couldn't walk without help, she complained of a severe headache . . . not good. Needless to say, we left immediately for the hospital.

On the way we called her neurosurgeon to run things by him. Thankfully, he said that even though she had hit her shunt site twice, it was very unlikely to have dislodged it. So, we made it to our local ER and had her checked out. Long story-short, she threw up again, had a CT scan and was released within 3 hours. The 'God-thing' is that the ER doc is also on staff at Strong and was able to consult her records from there. It was such a relief to have access to her info and scans without having to travel an hour. We're soooo thankful!

So, she needs to take it easy tomorrow and if she's feeling better by Monday noon-time, she can try going to camp. The hard part is that she can't do anything strenuous or anything that makes her nauseous or headache-y. I have a feeling she'll need to be in her wheelchair quite a bit. I have talked with her counselor already and she has been planning on helping Sumana with the different activities at camp anyway. Now, she may need to push Sumana around in the wheelchair for a day or two. Sigh . . . I'm tired of 'exciting' . . . I'm ready for some 'boring'!


  1. Oh, poor Sumana! I hope she is able to enjoy the rest of camp:)

  2. Oh my! How quickly a day can change! Give Sumana a big hug from me when she's feeling up to it! Poor kid! What a scare for you too, I'm sure! We'll keep her in prayer until we're all sure this has blown over!


  3. Oooo, that's no fun at all. Hope she's feeling much better soon.