Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ode to the Big Green Van

Sigh. It's both an exciting and sad day. We closed on our van loan and got a better rate than we expected. But, that means we say 'goodbye' to our big green van tomorrow. In spite of the thousands of dollars we've put into it, I think it is probably my favorite of all the vehicles we've owned. It has hauled us to Maine, North Carolina, Washington, DC, Cincinnati twice, Chicago and Oklahoma and home again. We've been able to cram in camping stuff for all of us and cart loads of kids all over the countryside. It's been a good vehicle.
But, then I remember the sliding door that's about to fall off, the brakes that aren't there, the electric window that goes down, but not back up and the AC that in a summer like this year's you wonder if it's just the air from outside or if it's really the AC working. (ha, ha).
Sumana came home from camp today by way of PT. Miss Kristen aptly nicknamed her Cranky Camper. I think she was WAY overtired, but cranky nonetheless. She, too, is excited about the new van, but when she thought about saying goodbye to the only van she's really ever known, she almost started crying! (Get that girl to bed!)
Sumana made a sock puppet at camp and learned how to perform with it. At the closing chapel today I got to see her in action with her purple puppy. How cute! She also brought home lots of beautiful crafts and, of course, stories! Maybe I can get her to tell some for a future blog.

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