Monday, July 13, 2009


What fun we had today! My sister and her 4 kids joined Sumana and me for a morning of blueberry picking. The kids were great. The weather was great. The blueberries were great. The company was even greater!
If you're not familiar with blueberry picking in the Finger Lakes, here's how it goes: When you arrive at the farm you get a bucket with a hole cut in the lid. This is to sit on and give you a place to drop your berries as you pick them. Once you have your bucket, you climb on a big wagon that is pulled by a tractor. You take a bumpy ride down a hill or two until you reach the day's picking area. The farm workers show you which bush is 'your's' and give instructions. The main one is to pick ALL the ripe berries on your bush. Kerri, the kids and I were all on ONE bush. We probably picked for nearly an hour and got over 6 pounds off that puppy! Now for families of 6 each, that isn't very much. But the kids had fun. Kerri and I will have to return without kids or bring some of my older kids to help pick next time so we can stock our freezers. Yum!!! There's nothing like fresh blueberries!
I think it's a quieter week as far as appointments go. Just PT twice. I also work at LeTourneau tomorrow giving swim tests tomorrow. It should be a beautiful day to be at the lake!


  1. Sounds like a great time! I see your blog counter...hooray!

  2. How lovely!

  3. FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!