Sunday, July 5, 2009

Busy girl!

Sumana has been busy this weekend. She had a dinner date with Papa and Nana on Saturday, then church at Crosswinds. Today, she played boom whackers at Middlesex Baptist. They are hollow tubes that the kids hit on their heads, legs, hand . . wherever! After church she watched Jeffrey and his band (A Decent Tuesday) practice. (I was busy cleaning rental houses today, so I missed all the fun!)

This week I need to make phone calls. Sumana's cough assist machine is ready when she is, so we need to schedule an appointment to learn how to use it. Also, I'm going to see if she can have her eyes checked this summer instead of trying to do it in October. (It probably won't work, though, because I think she has to wait a year for her insurance to cover it). I found out about a bummer on Thursday. Sumana's pre-op appointment has been 'bumped'. I don't know what that means. Because of the holiday, I haven't received a call back from Dr. Sanders' office. Hmmmm . . . is it postponed til later in the day??? is it cancelled for the day?? I'm pretty bummed that Dr. Sanders' office didn't let me know. I found out through Sumana's orthotic's office. Well, that's another phone call.

Sumana is back to PT twice this week. Yea! It's still a challenge for me to get her to do her exercises. It was so easy when we were on our school schedule' this summer doesn't seem to have any 'schedule'! UGH!!!

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