Wednesday, July 1, 2009

She Sleeps Great!

Yea! Sumana passed her sleep study with flying colors! I guess she slept enough that 'they' felt like her readings were accurate. Whew! No bi-pap mask, no sleep study on Sunday . . . yea!!

Because of her restrictive lung disease and spina bifida, she will return in a year for another sleep study. As I understand, if she begins to have respiratory issues, it will show up first in her sleep patterns/quality. So, if they monitor her yearly, they should be able to see potential trouble before it becomes troublesome!!!

We tried out Kias and Toyotas today. My absolute favorite is the Kia Rondo. It has European seating . . . which in my language means the seats are deep enough cover my leg from the back to the knee. VERY comfortable and surprisingly affordable. Sumana's favorite is the Toyota Sienna. It is lower to the ground and she can open and close the side sliding doors BY HERSELF! (they're power sliders) If the Cash for Clunkers doesn't pan out for us, I think a used Sienna might be a good option for us. We need to get Greig in on this to get his two cents!

And, finally, our former foster daughter was officially adopted today. She's been with her family a whole year; but it's FINAL . . . she's got her forever family. It was so special to watch her with her parents and big brother. However, I got a lump in my throat more than once. We love her sooooo much and seen her through soooo much. It's kind of like this chapter of our lives is really over. We hope to stay in touch, but I guess today was a little bittersweet for me.

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  1. (((Cheryl))) I can't even imagine how hard that must have been today! So glad to hear the good news on the sleep study and we'll keep the car issue in prayer!