Friday, July 17, 2009

Stranded again with Mom

Oh, brother! I've been driving our Oldsmobile this week to save on gas and check it out for Gretchen (her driving test is next week!). Well, as we're driving into the village of Naples, our airbag (??!!!) light went on. I was going to drop off Andrew for Jeffrey's concert, so he was in the front seat with me. He was shielding his face and nearly hyperventilating (it was actually kind of funny, but I was a little worried about the same thing on the driver's side!!!) Just as we were nearing the center of town the car cut in and out and in, again. I decided I needed to park FAST, so I swerved quickly onto a side street and was able to park just barely off the street in a side lot.

I've been suspecting the alternator for MONTHS and when I called Greig he reminded me he had recently replaced the battery. So, we were pretty sure it was 'toast' and we should have it towed. However, after being on the phone for 20 minutes with the motor club, I tried to start it again and IT DID! The customer service rep stayed with me on the phone as I drove a block, a 1/4 mile, a 1/2 mile, and finally up to 55 miles per hour and on the way home!! Woo-hoo!!! I asked her to cancel the tow and Sumana and I prayed all the way home! Just as we drove past our neighbors' house the red lights came on again and we coasted into our driveway.

Poor Sumana! She's been in more car accidents and mishaps with me in just 5 short years. When she talks about all of our 'stories' I'm sure people wonder how I still have my license or why Greig lets me drive our kids all over creation!!! LOL!

Well, tomorrow we're driving the big green van! We're test driving some more vehicles and looking at paint colors (of all things!) We're also planning on visiting our friend, Giana (whom we met in the PICU at Strong . . . I asked for prayer for her recently). Then, we're off to the airport to pick up Gretchen! Whew! The week flew by . . . I bet it did for her in Mexico, too!

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