Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All over the World!

I installed a 'counter' last month to keep track of how many visits we have on Sumana's Faith and where people visit from. I'm sooo glad I set it up. It's really cool to see places like Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada and Japan represented in the mix. I can account for Canada and Japan, but Belgium and the Netherlands have me stumped! Sumana has had nearly 1000 visits since I started the counter and over 300 on her site. It's funny to see her get so excited about all the visits. But, then again, you all know how much she loves attention! LOL!

Well, tomorrow we're off to the zoo to have some more summer fun. It's nice to be able to do some 'fun' stuff! Today was Sumana's last official appointment before her surgery. She got to visit Mrs. Spike and have her teeth cleaned. I should have taken pictures . . . oh, well . . . I'll try to remember for the zoo tomorrow! By the way, I hope you can all sense I'm doing better this week. I've received so much encouragement and prayers. I am much more at peace about surgery next week. Thanks for standing with us!!

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  1. I wonder if some of my relatives in Holland might have gotten to your site through mine? Cool to see the hits from all over!!! Sumana is a special gal!