Thursday, August 13, 2009

She Did It!

Who'd a thought she could do it??!!! We had just picked up Sumana's new braces and were going to head out for Indian food for lunch. But, those infamous words, 'I gotta go', changed the plan. We drove 2 buildings over to the lab and announced that we needed a cup . . . NOW! (please!) I had planned to get Sumana's lab work done at the hospital before her next appointment, but the impromptu side trip turned out to be a great thing.

The lab was very quiet so 3 techs were able to help with Sumana. She told them she needed a 'holder' and she wanted them to sing 'Jesus Loves Me'. Two of the techs didn't know 'Jesus Loves Me', (one said, 'Do you mean 'Jesus take the Wheel'?) Thankfully, Rogu (sp??) a VERY African young man (in color and accent!), knew the song and he and I sang while the others poked and held Sumana. It worked sooooo well. She held it together and when it was over, she said, "Mommy, can we come here again next time??"

For those of you who missed the excitement a few months ago, Sumana has an extreme fear of needles. Any needle. She screams and fights and is just not very pleasant to be around. So, today's blood draw was like a dream! Yea!

We had a really yummy lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant. They had Sumana's favorites: idli, sambhar and naan. I tried some new things that were really good. There was Indian music playing the whole time with Indians serving as waiters and cooks. It really took us back to India.

Her pre-op appointment at Strong was rather encouraging. 1) The anesthesia team feels it's a good sign that she did well with her surgery in May. 2) Her improved lung function is another positive. 3) The lung to be deflated is her stronger lung. I'm still not at all happy about it, but at least others are feeling optimistic. 4) They marked her as having an allergy to Dilaudid, (this is the medication that made her itch like crazy). I was assured that they will find other meds to treat her pain.


  1. Very encouraging, Cheryl! I found my notes on the other issue too. Dr. Jeremiah was talking about predestination in a way I'd never heard before. The way he put it was that predestined means that God has set boundaries so that we will stay on course and that it was determined in the past that we would in the future have the rights and privileges of a mature son. That was really encouraging to me in that even though we go through a lot of ups and downs now (including physical problems, emotional problems, etc) that for those He has called, He WILL perfect as well. It was determined in the past. He WILL keep her through this as well. ((((Cheryl and Sumana))))