Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sumana's Faith or Mom and Dad's Faith???

Well, Sumana is always stretching her mom and dad's faith, but I feel especially stretched today (and Sumana didn't do anything!) We decided not to get the van. Though it was a hard decision, I think it is the wisest choice. Even though we got a fantastic deal and probably saved over $6-8000 off MSRP, it still would have strapped us with a pretty high monthly payment. I guess our plan is to keep driving the big, green van and looking for a USED Nissan Quest (at least we know what make and model we like!)

As an update on today's marathon of appointments: Sumana got GREAT news from her pulmonary doctor. First of all, after wrapping Sumana up in 2 coats and making her do 3 sets of her PT exercises, she got plenty of sweat collected for her sweat test. Her test in June was labeled 'abnormal' so that's why she was tested today. However, today's test is definitely negative. So, cystic fibrosis is officially ruled out.

Also, she had more lung function testing today. Her lung function in June was around 33 percent. Today, she was at 42 percent. A huge improvement! They credit her use of the cough assist machine. Dr. Voter said Sumana couldn't be in better shape for surgery! Yea! Way to go, girl!

We just 'barely' made it to her eye appointment at Rochester General. We were trapped in the parking garage behind a woman with a top-carrier on her SUV. It was a frustrating 15 minutes, but she finally got the carrier off and was able to let us through. Sumana really liked Dr. Gearinger and his staff. She does have some optic nerve damage (possibly from birth), but doesn't need glasses.

Finally, we went to get Sumana fitted for her braces. They are BEAUTIFUL! However, because they still need fine-tuning, we'll go back next Thursday for the actual delivery. Wait til you see the improvments Miss Christine came up with! Every pair of braces seems to get better and better at addressing Sumana's needs. Way cool!!!! I am SOOOO thankful for Sumana's team of providers. She keeps getting more and more independent and healthy as time goes by. What a blessing!


  1. What a day! Sorry we didn't connect with you guys. Matt had to get back and to work. Praise God about ruling out CF! I'm so glad you liked Dr. Gearinger, we do too! Sorry the van didn't work out, but in the end, it seems it's always better to buy used (although I'd love to buy a car without rust, just once!)

  2. I know how disappointed you are about the van, but I'm CERTAIN that God has a better one out there for you! Awesome news on all the medical issues!