Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Splashing and Spraying!

With the recent heat wave, I wanted to make sure Sumana got one more chance to enjoy water before her surgery. She got in the lake at camp, but that was about 'it' for the summer. Yesterday, my sister and I took our kids to the Sprayground in Geneva. It was the first time I had been there. What a riot! Waterfalls, water shooting up, water coming out of inchworm-like creatures. Everything was timed differently, so it was fun to watch the kids waiting for the water to shoot up! Check out Sumana's expression! I took a TON of pictures; but it was so hard to keep up with Sumana, most of the pictures I have are of her BACK!! :-)
Last night, Miss Diane (a friend from church), took time to teach Sumana to crochet! By the time I checked in with them, she had a chain 12 inches long! This morning, she crocheted for an HOUR! Diane has been really concerned about Sumana being 'out of commission' for so long, with not much to do. She approached us a couple of weeks ago, asking if she could teach Sumana before her surgery so she could have something new to do afterwards. What a great idea. Thanks, Miss Diane!!
Well, I'm off to help Sumana with her cough assist. We're trying to be extra faithful with her PT exercises and cough assist. Only 9 days before surgery!

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  1. Great pictures! That was a lot of fun! We should try and sneak one more swim in before her big day.