Friday, August 28, 2009

A Hard Night

Well... here we are just past the 24 hr point after the operation... I'm sitting in her room and for the moment she is resting well. There was a lot of discomfort and sleeplessness last night for both Sumana and her mom. Right now Cheryl is getting some much needed rest in the Ronald McDonald House as she might have gotten a half hour sleep total last night. In Sumana's restlessness she was trying to pull the tube for the respirator out of her mouth so they had to put restraints and weights on her arms. Although this sounds harsh... it is a great thing because for the most part Sumana is resting in a sedated state and the respirator can continue to do it's job of helping to get the fluid out of her lung. The lung that was deflated during surgery is doing really well but the other lung (that Sumana has developed pneumonia before in) has fluid in it. Because of this they decided to keep the respirator on her at least until tomorrow. The original plan was to possibly take it off today but that is not going to happen. Dr. Voter (the Pulmonologist) just stopped by to listen to her lungs and she said they sound good and seemed to be encouraged and is doing as well as could be expected at this point.
I'm not nearly as good at explaining things that are going on as Cheryl, but I thought I would try to give at least some kind of update. Please keep praying... we covet your prayers especially now at the critical time.

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