Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Thursday full of appointments

8:00 am: Sweat test (hopefully she'll sweat more this time!)

9:10 am: Pulmonary check up with Dr. Voter (at Strong)

11:00 am: Eye check up with new doc at Rochester General

2:30 pm: Brace fitting with Miss Christine (Westfall Rd)

Whew! It'll be a busy day. But, I can't complain . . . I planned it that way! Originally, she was ALSO going to have her pre-op appointment with Dr. Sanders! Please pray for safety for us. I have NOT been impressed with Rochester drivers over the last couple of weeks!

On a related note, please join us in praying for CLEAR direction about the new van. The more time passes, the more I question if it's in God's perfect plan. Just because we 'can' do it, doesn't necessarily mean we 'should' do it. Things came together last week really quickly, but we've had no word since last Friday. I know the dealership is waiting for confirmation that the government money is 'their's'. However, I'm going to do some more research tonight and numbers crunching to see if the higher car payment is really going to be worth it.

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