Monday, August 31, 2009

More rest time required

Unbelievable! At this point, Sumana is going to stay on the ventilator til Wednesday. Her chest x-ray was better today, but the other numbers 'they' look at were not so good. There has been improvement with the ventilator taking the deeper more regular breaths for her, so they want to continue that today and see if they can get some more improvement. Thankfully, they will put in a feeding tube today and give her some Pediasure. This should make our girl happy. When she's been 'awake' she's let us know that she is hungry and thirsty. I guess the Pediasure should make her feel full and give her some nourishment.

I have just spent almost two hours typing on Sumana's in-room computer and lost everything!! So, if you're interested in a similar, yet different writing . . . check out the caringbridge site and visit 'sumana'. I'm trying to remember everything I wrote there, because I still can't figure out how to copy and paste without a word processing program. UGH!!

here's my 'Ode to the Ronald McDonald House':

We love you RMH, oh yes we do!
You give us beds for sleep and coffee, too!
We know without you, we'd stew!
oh, RM, we love you!

How silly, huh?? Well, at least know that I have written this more out of boredom, than from sleep deprivation. I have gotten lots of good night's rest and naps since we've been here. So far, no one else appears to need the room, so I'm going to take advantage of it as long as I can!

Thanks to everyone for their prayers, visits and calls. I'm holding up pretty well. I find strength each day in the Psalms. I'm praying David's prayers for Sumana and find real comfort in being able to do that. My mind is still pretty scattered, so it's nice to read a prayer and pray it back to God. Please continue to pray for Sumana's respiratory issues. Once we get past this we can really move on to her recovery.


  1. I can just see good old Ronald in his big red shoes dancing around to your creative ode. Glad to see you still have your sense of humor...

    Check out Psalm 91--one of my favorites.

    Shall I start a sign-up sheet where each of us can take a piece of this vigil and lift some of the burden to give you a break?

  2. Awwwww!! I'm glad to read these more encouraging posts this morning (here and at Caring Bridge)! This delay with the ventilator sounds more positive today than it did yesterday. I'm sure you'd still rather hear her chatter though. I'll try to remember that as I listen to Oksana the chatterbox! LOL! We continue to uphold all of you in prayer! I'm sure it isn't easy for those at home either as they hold down the fort! We love you all!

  3. Hi Greig and Cheryl. After seeing Sumana at the lake it really is heartbreaking to see her in the pic, BUT I know the Lord is in control and we need His grace to WAIT!!
    My prayers are with you all.
    Deb Smith