Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sad morning

The good news is that I slept at the Ronald McDonald House last night. I slept from 9:30 til a little after 5 am. Boy did that feel great! However, when I got back to the room Sumana had been giving her a hard time suctioning her out. That stinker is still so stubborn! Even when she's sedated and doped up! (Some things never change!)

Well, the sad thing this morning is that she may have to stay on the ventilator ANOTHER day! UGH!!!! Her secretions have gotten really bad. She can blow a series of bubbles out her nose that would make Andrew proud! At least with the nose, I can help suction her out. The bummer is that most of the junk is in her chest and it just rattles around there . . . I just keep praying it doesn't settle in there. The x-rays show her right lung is doing well (that's the one that was deflated in surgery). However, the left lung has quite a bit of fluid and isn't working as hard as it should (what's new, though, it's always given her a hard time).

The chest tube will also stay in for another day or two because she's still getting a lot of drainage. The good news there is that the color is changing and there isn't much blood in it any more.

I found a Bible verse from Psalms yesterday, "keep me safe, oh, God'. I've been praying that for Sumana. She's definitely not very happy. She's crying quite a bit now . . . only tears because of the vent . . . but it's sooooo sad. And, soooo quiet. For such a motor mouth, it's rough NOT to hear her talking. (The silence wasn't too hard to take the first day, but I'm over that now! I want to hear my little girl talk and laugh again!)

Thanks for your prayers. I'll try to post again as soon as I can. There is no word processing capabilites on the computer I'm using, so Greig is having to copy and pasted this info to caringbridge. Sorry for the delay on that end.

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  1. Oh Cheryl,
    Seeing your baby on a ventilator is one of the hardest things in the world. Just reading your words makes my heart ache remembering those difficult days. Poor Sumana! I'm praying for those lungs to clear quickly, fluid to slow and become more clear, and that vent to be out ASAP! I'm so glad you got rest at the RMH...boy that place is a blessing!!! We are praying!!
    Megan and family