Thursday, August 27, 2009

We made it through!

Well, it's about 5:30pm and Sumana seems to be resting fairly comfortably. We arrived shortly after 7am and she went back to surgery around 8:45. By 3pm she was in the PICU (but we didn't find out for almost an HOUR!). We were told for 3 HOURS that they were 'closing her up'. Now even I questioned that there was that much closing up to do!!! I guess they finished around 2:30 and had her transferred to the PICU by 3.

Anyway, the surgery was a success. The doctors feel like they got a 'good amount of correction' on her scoliosis curve. She looks soooo straight in her bed. One of her visitors today commented that she looked taller to him already! (I know she is!) The only complication had to do with her ribs. She has extra ribs, fused ribs and malformed ribs. The surgeon had to make a patch (!!) to help keep her lung away from the VEPTR rod. It doesn't sound like it was much of a concern. She did NOT need a transfusion and her lung came right back into full use right after surgery. The only concern right now is her blood volume and respiratory-type issues. She will be sedated and on the ventilator overnight and if her x-rays and bloodwork look good tomorrow, they'll start to wean her off the vent.

She has woken up several times this afternoon to stretch and try to pull out the ventilator tube. Please pray that she'll be able to keep from doing that. If not, they'll have to restrain her (oh, no!) She has nodded 'yes' and 'no' to many questions. Particularly disturbing was when she nodded 'yes' that she was in pain and 'yes' that it hurt on her side. Poor, baby! They just 'upped' her pain med, so she is 'out of it' again.

Thanks for you prayers. God has proven faithful yet again. It is amazing to see how He has used the doctors and medical devices to work so mightily in our little girl. The next 24 hours are especially critical, but she's off to a good start. We'll keep you updated as we know more.


  1. Oh Cheryl,
    You were on my mind and in my prayers all day! I know how awful it is to see them on the vent...just keep focused on all the wonderful healing that is going to take place (hard to do!!) Stay on top of those doctors and can do it!!!

  2. I'm so glad that lung came right back into use!!! I've been praying for both of you all day and will continue to do so - you know we've got you covered well into the night! ;) I've been checking in as often as possible to hear how things went - glad for the update!

  3. Thanks for the good news. Love and prayers from all of us.

  4. So glad all went well today.. will continue to pray recovery goes as well for Sumana...and prayers for the family also.. Best of luck to you all... Love..hugs and prayers... Frazier family Island Falls Maine

  5. Fantastic report! Praise the Lord! We'll be praying that she has a speedy recovery. I'm so happy that the surgery went well (knew it would!).

  6. cheryl, I hurdle down! My thought and prayers were w/ you all day. It made for a dificult day at work when all wanted to do was be there and wait w/ you for support. sumana is a togh cookie and we know God has a plan for her. I hope things will continue to progress.

    I love you