Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fun at the lake!

After a rainy, gloomy start today turned into a beautiful day. We spent a great day at the lake with some special friends from Crosswinds. Graham and Debbie Smith shared yummy food, boat rides, tubing and just a relaxing time kicking back at the beach. What a wonderful treat! (see Daddy and Sumana on the boat!)

It was such a nice twist after the 'goodbye' service for our neighbors/ friends. Just a pointer for anyone trying to play the piano in public under emotional stress: Outright sobbing, with flowing tears works better than just welling tears in the eyes. In my run-thru's I was actually sobbing, but at church I thought I was going to hold it together. However the tears started welling up and distorted the page so I couldn't see what I was reading. Not a good situation, but it was heartfelt, nonetheless!
This is a busy week for appointments and wouldn't you know, Sumana is sick. At the lake she had a runny nose and was sneezing alot. I figured she must be allergic to something at the lake. However, I guess she had been that way all day AND tonight she's got a temp of 100. I don't think she should have a temp with allergies, should she???? We'll have to see how she's doing tomorrow.

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